This series of artworks is based around the story of my great-grandmother, Marion Ballou Fisk, an itinerate lecturer/cartoonist on the chautauqua circuit from 1910 – 1930.

A map of all the places in the USA, Marion Ballou Fisk is known to have visited.

chautaqua cities and towns

A map containing all the names of the towns in the USA that Marion Ballou Fisk is known to have visited. Flashe on wood with match sticks and glue.

During the course of her life and like many of her contemporaries, Marion Ballou Fisk moved from a rural New England village to a midwestern metropolis, eventually moving west to settle for a time in one of the new railway towns. Here are maps of Windham, VT, Chicago, 4th Ward, and Sabetha, Kansas.


Tents, a series of small paintings on board of Chautauqua tents. Flashe on board.

a photographic montage of my
and me
Story Telling, Edited ephemera. Digital print.