transcendental meditation

Transcendental Meditation (2023) at PS122, is an exhibition featuring Cadence Giersbach and Susan Rowe Harrison. Nature allows us to transcend our immediate context. As the world becomes more technological and AI and the internet create new communities and frontiers, we are drawn to the tactile world. Many have turned to nature to escape the stress of the pandemic in the shadow of the climate crisis. Interacting with plants offers beauty, awe, and grounding. A garden transcends its boundaries and is a place where we can understand the world—it puts us in an active dialogue with living matter. The garden is an antidote to a culture in which mind and body, reason and action are separated. And much like art, the garden brings together thinking, feeling, making, and performing.

A winning project of the 2023 PS122 Exhibition Open Call, Transcendental Meditation was selected by a three-member jury composed of artist Abigail Deville and curators Rachel Gugelberger (Wave Hill) and Sara Reisman (National Academy of Design).

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